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DSC05 - Hierarchical Stratigraphic Analysis of a Carbonate Platform

Discovery Series, No. 5
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Basin Studies Carbonates CD-ROM Products Field Methods and Studies Models Modern Analogs Regional Studies Sequence Stratigraphy
Additional Information:
This unique CD-ROM publication takes advantage of the CD presentation to offer an interactive presentation of the stratigraphy and geologic history of the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas, a world-class carbonate province.
This may be the most complete, full-color presentation on the Guadalupe area. The authors discuss concepts, cycle sets, facies succession, sequence boundaries, depositional models, facies tract definitions, and offer interpretation (see detail of Contents).
This CD also combines text, photomosaic panels, and LSAT images in a sequence-by-sequence presentation of the stratigraphic succession, and shows measured sections and animation describing the depositional sequence.
Table of Contents
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Charles Kerans and Kirt Kempter
AAPG/Datapages and University of Texas (BEG)
Release Date:
March 15, 2002
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