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ST59 - Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geological Media: State of the Science

AAPG Studies in Geology 59
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Over the past 20 years, the concept of storing or permanently storing carbon dioxide in geological media has gained increasing attention as part of the important technology option of carbon capture and storage within a portfolio of options aimed at reducing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases to the earth's atmosphere.
Research programs focusing on the establishment of field demonstration projects are being implemented worldwide to investigate the safety, feasibility, and permanence of carbon dioxide geological sequestration.
AAPG Studies 59 presents a compilation of state of the science contributions from the international research community on the topic of carbon dioxide sequestration in geological media, also called geosequestration. This book is structured into eight parts, and, among other topics, provides an overview of the current status and challenges of the science, regional assessment studies of carbon dioxide geological sequestration potential, and a discussion of the economics and regulatory aspects of carbon dioxide sequestration.
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Edited by M. Grobe, J.C. Pashin, and R.L. Dodge
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March 01, 2010
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