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Geology of Cuba

AAPG Studies in Geology #58
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AAPG's Studies in Geology 58, Geology of Cuba, provides a general description of the geology of the island, an updated description of its stratigraphy, and interpretation of its complex structures, some mechanism for its emergence from the Caribbean, and a description of its petroleum occurrences.

This publication is abundantly illustrated, and provides cross-references to geographic localities and stratigraphic units. The printed portion of the book contains a general introduction to the geology of Cuba, and the detailed data is contained on CD in the back of the publication.

Cuba, due to its abundant and well-known petroleum seeps has been explored for over a century, and although no major discovery has taken place, to date the deep offshore surrounding the island remains unexplored.

A country that consists of an orogenic belt that forms the southern boundary of the North American Continent has been much neglected in the English literature. Information is scattered in thousands of publications, some of which are fairly inaccessible. To make matters worse, publications that exist are in a multiplicity of languages - Spanish, English, Russian, Polish, and French, to name a few - written by geologists with a multiplicity of geological philosophies.

This publication brings together all of the disparate threads into one central resource, and provides the reader with an excellent source of information for Cuba's geology.

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Georges Pardo
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April 20, 2009
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Softcover, CD included
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