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M26 CD - Seismic Stratigraphy: Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration

Digital Reprint of AAPG Memoir 26
Additional Information:

This classic 1977 AAPG publication launched modern exploration through seismic stratigraphic interpretation and paved the way for the interdisciplinary teams we have come to know today. Originally presented as a research symposium at the 1975 AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) at New Orleans, this conference and publication showed the E&P world how to interpret two-dimensional seismic lines using cyclic changes in sea level as a tool for understanding deposition and reservoir geometry.
This was the volume that introduced the now-classic studies on sea-level change as an exploration tool, from Exxon Production Research (i.e. Peter Vail, et al.). Many other (non-Exxon) workers have contributed and outstanding research also is represented here from many companies and experts.

This compilation comprises:
  • Fundamentals of Stratigraphic Interpretation from Seismic Data - 2 papers
  • Application of Seismic Reflection Configuration to Stratigraphic Interpretation - 16 papers, plus a Glossary of Seismic Stratigraphy
  • Stratigraphic Models from Seismic Data - 5 papers
Edited by Charles E. Payton
April 01, 2011

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