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M58 CD - Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy: Recent Developments and Applications

Digital Reprint of AAPG Memoir 58
Additional Information:
Applying depositional sequence stratigraphic concepts to the interpretation of siliciclastic depositional systems is becoming an increasingly important tool in petroleum geology. After a succession of breakthroughs during the 1970s and 1980s, sequence stratigraphic concepts now have entered a phase of intense application and documentation, especially with regard to successful implementation in the field of petroleum geology. Workers have applied these concepts to a variety of databases, ranging from outcrop to cores to electric logs and to multifold seismic data. Clearly, sequence stratigraphic concepts embody -- not a rigid model or template -- but rather a way of looking at geology.

This volume has two purposes: to compile some recent applications of siliciclastic sequence stratigraphic concepts, and to present new studies focused on refining conceptual models.

This memoir grew out of a 1991 symposium, "Variations in Depositional Systems Within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Applications to Exploration," organized by the authors at the AAPG annual meeting at Dallas. Robert Loucks and Rick Sarg have edited a companion volume, also published by AAPG,"Entitled Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy: New Developments and Applications."

Table of Contents

Edited by Paul Weimer and Henry Posamentier
September 25, 2012