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Petroleum Geology and Potential of the Colombian Caribbean Margin

AAPG Memoir 108

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Other Description:
AAPG Memoir 108
Additional Information:
AAPG Memoir 108 is the first international book published on the petroleum geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Colombian Caribbean Margin.

This volume consists of 27 multidisciplinary papers which include a wide range of geological and geophysical topics, such as geochemistry and petroleum systems, earthquake seismology and tomography, seismic stratigraphy and sedimentology, oil and gas exploration plays, carbonate and siliciclastic petrology, basement studies, regional tectonics and structural geology, fold belt structural analyses, potential methods, and studies on the Magdalena fan.

This highly valuable and innovative piece of information is critical for geoscientists in the petroleum industry, research institutions, and academia. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the extremely complex but fascinating geology of Colombia's Caribbean Margin and its important hydrocarbon potential.

AAPG Memoir 108 consists of the first few pages of the chapters in print, with digital PDF versions of the full chapters on DVD.

About the Editors

Table of Contents

Edited by Claudio Bartolini and Paul Mann
AAPG, Anadarko and Repsol
December 20, 2015