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Hydrogen 2022 Virtual Technical Symposium - Exploring the Potential of Hydrogen Energy in Latin America and the Caribbean

This is a collection of 17 presentations from the AAPG Hydrogen 2022 Virtual Technical Symposium.

The symposium brought together geoscience professionals, engineers, economists and entrepreneurs from the energy industry, academia, and the investment sector to share ideas, best practices, and lessons learned to help the Latin America and Caribbean region face the challenges associated with developing a hydrogen economy.

Presentations in this collection include:

  • From Strategies (Power Points) to Projects (Power Plants): Where is the H2 Industry today?
  • Analogies from the Hydrocarbons Exploration and Production Business Applied for the Promotion of the Green Hydrogen Development Offshore Uruguay
  • Repsol's Renewable Hydrogen Strategy and Potential Business Development in Latin American Countries
  • Natural Hydrogen Emanations: Can Multispectral Satellite Image Analysis and Gamma-Spectrometry Acquisition Help to Better Define them? Case Study in Brazil
  • Exploration of Natural Hydrogen in Brazil: Search for New Sources of Renewable Energy
  • Natural Hydrogen System Assessment with Basin Modelling Applied to the Colombian Foreland Basins
  • Advances of Natural Hydrogen Exploration in Sedimentary Foreland Basins of Colombia
  • Natural Hydrogen Frontier Exploration Workflow Applied to the Southern Caribbean, Northern Colombia and Venezuela
  • Gas Seeps and Hydrogen in the Bolivian Altiplano
  • Natural Accumulation of Hydrogen, 'Gold Hydrogen', Aragon, Spain
  • The Decarbonization of the Spanish Economy through the Use of Renewable Hydrogen - The Role of DH2 Energy as a Producer
  • Compositional Variation of the Zechstein Group in the Norwegian North Sea and Challenges for Hydrogen Storage in Salt Caverns
  • Hydrogen Geo-Storage: Opportunities and Current Understanding
  • Evaluation of the CO2 Storage Potential in the Neuquina and Golfo de San Jorge Basins, Associated with Future Projects of Blue H2 Generation and CCUS
  • Modeling Hydrogen Storage Capacities, Injection and Withdrawal Cycles in Salt Caverns Using the GeoH2 Salt Storage and Cycling App
  • Effect of Grid Resolution on Underground Hydrogen Storage Compositional Reservoir Simulation
  • Significance of Paleogeography for Cavern Development in Bedded Salts: A Case Study from New Mexico and West Texas
December 03, 2022
Technical Symposium Presentation Video Collection
Hydrogen 2022 Virtual Technical Symposium