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Event Registration - AAPG Jon Rotzien Short Course 21st Century Deep-water

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
12:00 AM Central Daylight Time
This 1-day seminar is designed to provide professionals with a modern awareness of the full spectrum of marine siliciclastic stratigraphy and petroleum reservoirs. Taught from the perspective of an exploration business unit, diverse industry datasets are used throughout the collaborative course to illustrate the broad variation and scale of primarily deep-marine depositional environments and their petroleum reservoirs, seals, and traps. This course dives downslope in a marine depositional system and examines feeder systems that link the shelf to submarine canyon, to submarine fan, to outer fan, to distal basin plain, using many of the most illustrative outcrop, core, and seismic examples from various active and passive margins – including key examples from petroleum basins in the Asia-Pacific region. This course is designed to give industry professionals an appreciation of the predictive attributes of deep-water stratigraphy and reservoirs, as well as knowledgeable insight into the scale and architecture of the wide range of deep-water depositional systems. This course draws from materials presented in field courses to outcrops and petroleum basins worldwide. More details from https://www.aapg.org/global/asiapacific/blog/article/articleid/55864/short-course-by-jon-rotzien
Venue to be advised.
Singapore, Singapore