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M42 - Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Seismic Data

AAPG Memoir 42, 7th Edition
Copyright © 2011

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Other Description:
Geophysical Methods Seismic Interpretation
Additional Information:
Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Seismic Data is the definitive, and now classic, text on the subject. Conceived in 1979 and first published in 1986, the book helps geoscientists extract more information from their seismic data and improve the quality of their interpretations (James D. Robertson).

The prime focus of the book continues to be the synergy between 3-D seismic data and the workstation. The author passionately addresses the widespread problem of data under-utilization. Two new chapters and several new sections have been added in the Seventh Edition, but basic data understanding continues to be stressed.

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Table of Contents
Alistair R. Brown
August 20, 2011
Hardcover Plus Computer DVD

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