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ST27 CD - Atlas of Seismic Stratigraphy

Digital Reprint of AAPG Studies in Geology #27
Other Description:
CD-ROM Products Sequence Stratigraphy
Additional Information:
Acrobat version of the popular seismic atlas, with searchable text on CD-ROM. (3 vols., 1 disc)
Volume 1, 1987. Interpretation procedures and key definitions of sequence stratigraphy; color atlas of seismic stratigraphy; five technique papers.
Volume 2, 1988. Seismic stratigraphic principles at work in rift systems (3 papers) and passive margins (25 papers).
Volume 3, 1989. Seismic stratigraphic principles at work in the Gulf of Mexico (13 papers), foredeep environments (7 papers), active margins (8 papers) and deep sea environments (3 papers).
A.W. Bally
March 27, 2001
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