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Getting Started #4 - Understanding Diagenetic Controls of Sandstone Reservoir Quality: A Compendium of Influential Papers

Compiled by Kitty L. Milliken
AAPG/Datapages Getting Started, No. 4
Additional Information:

Improved drilling technologies and interest in unconventional resources combine to inspire drilling activity that, increasingly, brings petroleum geologists into contact with rocks that have been dramatically altered by diagenesis. The papers assembled here are about those diagenetic processes that most significantly affect porosity and other petrophysical properties in sandstones. Papers were chosen with the aim of giving readers who are unfamiliar with the field of diagenesis a quick primer on basic concepts that are widely applied today in reservoir quality assessment.

1. Sandstone porosity loss--a "big picture" view of the importance of compaction: Lundegard, P.D., 1992
2. Construction of an intergranular volume compaction curve for evaluating and predicting compaction and porosity loss in rigid-grain sandstone reservoirs: Paxton, S.T., Szabo, J.O., Adjukiewicz, J.M. and Klimentidis, R.E., 2002
3. Compaction of lithic sands: experimental results and applications: Pittman, E.D., and Larese, R.E., 1991
4. Quantification of brittle deformation in burial compaction, Frio and Mt. Simon sandstones: Makowitz, A., and Milliken, K.L., 2003
5. Predicting porosity through simulating sandstone compaction and quartz cementation: Lander, R.H., and Walderhaug, O., 1999
6. Anomalously high porosity and permeability in deeply buried sandstone reservoirs: origin and predictability: S. Bloch, R.H. Lander, and L. Bonnell, 2002
7. Calcite cement distibution and its effect on fluid flow in a deltaic sandstone, Frontier Formation, Wyoming: Dutton, S.P., White, C.D., Willis, B.J., and Novakovic, D., 2002
8. Practical approaches to identifying sealed and open fractures: Laubach, S.E., 2003
9. Regional controls on diagenesis and reservoir quality in Lower Tertiary sandstones: Loucks, R.G., Dodge, M.M., and Galloway, W.E., 1984
10. Loss of provenance information through subsurface diagenesis in Plio-Pleistocene sandstones, Gulf of Mexico: Milliken, K.L., 1988
11. Association of allochthonous waters and reservoir enhancement in deeply buried Miocene sandstones: Picaroon Field, Corsair Trend, Offshore Texas: Taylor, T.R. and L.S. Land, 1997
12. Mass-transfer during burial diagenesis in the Gulf of Mexico sedimentary basin: Land, L.S., 1997
Compiled by Kitty L. Milliken
September 19, 2006
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