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Faults, Fluid Flow and Petroleum Traps

AAPG Memoir 85

Formerly a print book, now available on Digital Download.

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Additional Information:
Japan National Oil Corporation (JNOC - presently Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation) launched a multidisciplinary and international project on the Evaluation of Traps and Seals in 1997. The project ended in 2003. Originally published in 2005, this AAPG Memoir resulted from that project and includes JNOC research articles as well as contributions from industry and academia.

The 17 papers in this volume cover topics such as a method to estimate the amount of oil/gas accumulation using the concept of equivalent grain size in seal rock, and oil/gas migration to and spill-point geometry of petroleum traps; two case studies of fault seal assessment applied to normal faults in Tertiary clastic reservoirs in offshore Sarawak and offshore Gulf of Thailand; and physical analog studies of the development of extensional faults.

This volume also contains a valuable bibliography of nearly 1000 additional articles and books published on fault traps, fault seal processes, and fault-related fluid flow in sedimentary basins, for use as a reference tool to delve into publications preceding this volume.

This Memoir is an important addition to the list of publications on fault seals and fault-associated fluid flow in sedimentary basins.

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Edited by Rasoul Sorkhabi and Yoshihiro Tsuji
Co-published with AAPG, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
June 23, 2005
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