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Distribution of Production, 19 Counties, Abilene Area (GIS)

19 county maps from Abilene Geological Society publication (1992) "Distribution of Hydrocarbon Production from 19 counties, Abilene (TX) Area"
Additional Information:

This GIS project was designed to capture digital data of the Abilene Geological Society 1992 publication: "Stratigraphic Distribution of Hydrocarbon Production from 19 Counties in the Abilene Area".

The 19 Texas counties include: Callahan, Coke, Coleman, Concho, Dickens, Fisher, Haskell, Jones, Kent, King, Knox, Nolan, Runnels, Shackelford, Sterling, Stonewall, Taylor, Throckmorton and Tom Green.

This project displays data for approximately 5,600 oil and/or gas fields in the 19 separate counties. The data includes: Boundaries of oil / gas fields of the 19 counties in the study area, the producing formation (s) of each field and lithologies of each of the producing formations.

Funding was provided by the Boone Pickens Digital Fund within the AAPG Foundation, and by AAPG Datapages.

Please note: This product was created with ESRI ArcMap 10.1 and can be used in any mapping software that can read an ESRI file geodatabase.

Abilene Geological Society
June 20, 2014
GIS (ArcMap 10.1)
Available for Immediate Download