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Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics: Principles, Methods, and Case Studies, Volume II

AAPG Computer Applications in Geology, No. 5 - Vol. II

Edited by T.C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus, and R. L. Chambers

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Since publication of the first volume of Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics in 1994, there has been an explosion of interest and activity in geostatistical methods and spatial stochastic modeling techniques. Many of the computational algorithms and methodological approaches that were available then have greatly matured, and new, even better ones have come to the forefront. Advances in computing and increased focus on software commercialization have resulted in improved access to, and usability of, the available tools and techniques.
Against this backdrop, Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics Volume II provides a much-needed update on this important technology. As in the case of the first volume, it largely focuses on applications and case studies from the petroleum and related fields, but it also contains an appropriate mix of the theory and methods developed throughout the past decade. Geologists, petroleum engineers, and other individuals working in the earth and environmental sciences will find Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics Volume II to be an important addition to their technical information resources.

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Edited by T.C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus, and R. L. Chambers
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December 10, 2006
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Hardcover, color illustrations, bibliography
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